NTDC COVID Chronicles Interview with Peter M

The guy who didn’t make the team (aka Peter Myllyma – NTDC  Board Member)

Where are you now during the time of COVID? 

 Most days at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  I work with the real heroes of the world, which includes housekeepers, physicians, nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists, porters, biomedical engineers and other professionals, too numerous to mention, who put the values and needs of society first.  They go to work for you.  Stay home for them.

What are you doing in these times of social distancing? 

Working long days, but trying to sneak in some exercise out in the wilderness.

Are you training?/Working/Taking care of Folks/ How?  

I am the dedicated Star-Trek red shirt that does the weekly grocery run.

How are you staying sane?  

Never have – why start now.

Are there things you are struggling with that you don’t mind sharing?  Impacts on you, your  family, your work/school/training…. 

 Managing “good enough” – but the liquor cabinet is empty 😉

Other inspirational thoughts, strategies, tips to share?  

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands…and don’t touch your face.