Integrated Support Team

Position: Clinic:  Name:
IST Lead and Massage Connect Massage and Wellness Kelly Stewart-Doromko, RMT
Strength and Conditioning Thrive Strength & Wellness Paul Hemsworth
Chiropractic Alignment Chiropractic & Rehab Dr. Rodney Puumala
Chiropractic College Park Chiropractic Dr. Shane McCormak
Massage Alignment Chiropractic & Rehab Shiela Sundell, RMT
Physiotherapy Lakehead Physio and Fanti + Associates Brian Rosina
Psychology Lakehead University Dr. John Gotwals, Ph.D.
Psychology Penn State University Dr. Blair Evans, Ph.D.
Doctor Fort William Clinic Dr. Nicky Wilberforce
Sport Physiologist Lakehead University Dr. Ian Newhouse, Ph.D.