New Team, New Season

Things are fresh and exciting as a new athlete on the team. I’ve only

been training with the team for a few weeks, but I’ve found it very easy to

stay motivated and excited for team practices. It’s not as hard to wake up in

the morning when you know you will be getting a ride in the van with the rest

of the team that are ready and pumped for the workout. The van can be a little

crowded at times with 14 athletes, but Timo and Victor are all about team

bonding. It’s a much different environment being on a smaller team; everyone

is closer in age and we all have similar goals with our skiing careers. With 5

girls on the training center this year, I’m never lacking a training partner!

Whether it’s a gym workout, a roller ski, a bike ride or a run, there’s always

someone to go out and train with!

In one week, the team will be heading out to Canmore for a training camp where we will meet up with the other

National Training Centres and put some work in at altitude. It will be exciting to go on a trip with a new team, to

spend two weeks with new teammates and really get to know everyone. Some of us will be driving out to

Canmore in the team van, and others will be flying. On the way back, most of the team will be driving home in

the team van after the camp and that’s when the real team bonding will happen – when we’re all packed in a van

with no air conditioning.

As a new member on the Training Centre, you realize there is lots of support from local businesses and people in

the community. You also have an Integrated Support Team (IST) that gives you access to Massage Therapists, a

Strength Coach and a Team Doctor, which are things I have never experienced before. This coming weekend, the

IST and the athletes are going camping as well as training together so that everyone can meet and get the chance

to know each other before the season really gets underway. Your sense of ski community really expands as a first

year athlete on the team, which is very exciting. There is nothing better than getting to know new people that

have the same interest and that are super supportive.

Training with the new team and the support from everyone is great so far! I am really excited and motivated! I

can’t wait for the rest of the season and see what this year has to offer!

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