COVID Chronicles Interview with Heidi S

Where are you now during the time of COVID?

I’m at my house in the country with my parents, two sisters, two cats, and dog.

What are you doing in these times of social distancing?

I’m hanging out with my family, finishing up exams and then taking time off of school and training. 

Are you training?/Working/Taking care of Folks/ How?

At the start of April I was training really hard, knowing that I didn’t need to save my energy for any more races. Now I am taking time off for the end of April but keeping lightly active (easy jogs, mobility and stability work, little gym workouts). I’ll start working for my mom on our trails and in our massive garden once the snow melts, and for my dad chopping and stacking firewood.

How are you staying sane? 

To say that I have stayed sane this month would be a lie, but I think the best thing I’ve done through this pandemic has been to accept that things are weird and tough and that this is affecting me mentally. I’ve sort of approached this with curiosity, wondering what sort of person I’ll let out through this and who I’ll be after. 

Are there things you are struggling with that you don’t mind sharing?  Impacts on you, your  family, your work/school/training….

It was pretty frustrating to finally be able to race at the end of the season, after a tough year struggling with injury and fatigue, only to have every event cancelled. It was tough to have a lot of energy and excitement and nothing really to do with it. I first focused really hard on school and training but it got boring not having anything to show my progress. Other than that I have just really missed seeing different people day to day, because as much as zoom meetings and phone calls have helped me keep in touch with people, I find it’s just not the same as actually hanging out with and seeing my friends, teammates and family.

Other inspirational thoughts, strategies, tips to share?  

When you run out of new hobbies, baking, and Instagram challenges, I’ve found it fun to just do whatever comes to mind, no matter how lame, boring or crazy it sounds. But also keep in mind that doing nothing at all is perfectly fine, that this is a pandemic not a competition for who can keep their sanity. The occasional solo dance party (or even a few times a day) can really help.